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Our team has created empirical data visualizations that educate the public on the pandemic's ongoing impact and display information from multiple, often overlooked angles such as climate implications, socioeconomic factors, and social aspects.
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Inequalities Projects
The Inequalities Projects is focused on education and food insecurity. The education project strives to understand how the lack of access to e-learning and school-provided meals effected under-resourced populations during the pandemic. The food insecurity project intends to create visualizations and write articles to inform the mass public as well as nonprofit food entities on how food insecurity has been impacted by the aftereffects of COVID-19.
Image Source: Chicago Booth Review
Anxiety Prevalence
Apple Daily Mobility Data
Brazil Case Overview per State
Case Spike in California
COVID-19 Patient and Hospitalization (California)
USA Cases and Deaths by County
COVID-19 Cases and Deaths by County LIVE - Daily
Cases vs % Black per State
Unemployment Rate by County as of February 20th
COVID-19 Case Study by County
COVID-19 Death Disparities
Number of Cases by Zip Code vs. Demographic Distribution
Case Spike in Florida
COVID-19 in Georgia
Live Infection Map
Covid's Effect on the Number of Beds in Homeless Shelters
ICU Beds vs Residents Aged 60+ for each ICU Bed
Insured Unemployment - Percentage of Labor Force (March 19 - April 9)
Number of Cases vs. Percentage of Minorities Milwaukee City, WI
Mobility Trends on a Global Scale
NYC COVID-19 Cases & Deaths by ZIP | Incomes, Poverty, & Age by Census Tract (May 21st)
New York Mobility and Cases by County
NYC Cumulative Positive Tests Per 1000 People (Live Update - Daily)
NYC Doctors vs. Patients
New York New vs. Cumulative Positive Tests
NYC Cumulative Positive Tests Per 1000 People as of May 8th
COVID-19's Impact on American Oil
Ontario Hospitalization Overview
COVID-19 and Race in the District of Columbia
Coronavirus and Race By County Wisconsin
Confirmed Cases and Recovery Rates Over Time
Rio de Janeiro State Overview
Risk Scores by County
Water & Sanitation Against COVID-19 Cases
COVID-19 and Socioeconomic Factors by Ward in the District of Columbia
Testing vs. Fatality Rate
Map of Cases and Deaths in Texas as of July 4, 2020
Texas Hospitalizations Per Day
Total COVID-19 Cases per 100k vs. Date for 6 U.S. States
Unemployment Insurance Claims
US COVID-19 Statistics
Change in New Deaths, Tests, and Cases Over Time in the US
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Inequalities Projects
Long Term Mental Health
Xenophobia Online
Blood Donations
Breaking News
COVID & Climate Change
Environmental Influences on COVID-19
International Flight Tracking
Mental Health
SARS-CoV-2 Lung CT Neural Network Classifier
Socioeconomic Factors
Why is COVID-19 spreading faster in certain areas?
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